You login using the same username and password that you use for your Glazier Season Pass information.
The Glazier Vault offers completely unlimited streaming of all of our content for Season Pass holders and subscribers.
There is no limit to how many videos you can watch.
Yes, the Glazier Vault is mobile optimized and all of our videos are compatible with Apple and Android devices.
No, the videos are only available for online streaming.
If you find a video that you want to save to watch later, you can click the watch later button below the video listings, or the watch later button on the video content page. These videos will save to your profile for easy access later on.
All of our videos have a button marked with "Respond". If you notice that a video is classified incorrectly, just click this button and fill out the form.
eFootballFlix and Head Coach Academy now each have their own channel within the Glazier Vault. You can now access all of your Season Pass content in one place!
You will still manage your Season Pass from
Nope, as soon as you add them to your season pass, they will immediately gain access to the Glazer Vault as well.
Some schools have very tight Internet filters, be sure to verify if you can watch video content on your school’s network.


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